I learnt a massive life lesson lately.

That having expectations of what other people should think or do, is the biggest killer of personal happiness.

I expect that everyone should think like I do, and then when they don’t, I get upset.

But that’s just not reality.

And it makes up for a very disappointing, negative state of mind.

Everybody is different.

Everybody has different levels of understanding, empathy, and life experiences.

If we are continually getting our panties in a bunch over every little thing someone does or doesn’t do, we are not going to be very positive people.

We need to accept that everyone is on their own growth journey.  It may not look like yours.

People may not have yet developed the same skills you have and vise versa.  Instead of being annoyed with these people, we need to show them compassion.

There have been many times that I thought I was dead set on a way of living- and anyone that didn’t get in line with it got the boot.

That’s not a healthy or good way to live life.  People are constantly changing and evolving.  We all go through plenty of different phases and we all learn and grow at different rates.

Give people space to grow, without judging them too harshly.

Try to give people grace and forgiveness.  We all fall short.

Don’t make impulsive decisions about people in your life because they aren’t living up to your expectations.

Expectations are just another way for us to try to control the world around us.

Sometimes you have to step back from certain things for a while to see the bigger picture.

Try dropping your expectations of what the people around you should or should not be doing, and see how much happier you become.

Its tiring living with expectations of how the world should be.

There is no one way how the world should be, and it definitely doesn’t mean your way is the right way 🙂


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