Have you ever looked back at something that you wanted soooo badly and thought THANK GOD THAT NEVER WORKED OUT?

Rejection sucks at the time.  What we don’t realize is rejection is just a redirection.

When I was younger, I used to try to control people, places and things so much that when something didn’t go as I had planned I would freak out.

I had high expectations about what I expected other people to act like.

Mainly ex boyfriends.  The funny things is, when I would finally get fed up that they weren’t giving me what I needed, and said enough is enough, I realized what I wanted was incredibly the wrong thing for me.

It wasn’t working because it wasn’t for me.  I deserved so much better and God knew it.

I was trying to keep a door open that was supposed to stay closed.

How many times have you thought your life would end because you got broken up with?

Or because someone didn’t notice your value and treated you as less than?

Or you didn’t get the position that was going to change your life?

Every single time I was rejected, or something didn’t go my way, it was for my protection.

I have looked back at every single event, and said THANK GOD THAT DIDNT WORK OUT.

Closed doors are closed for a reason.  Our resistance to just accept what is, causes us the most pain.

Whenever I have tried to force things that just weren’t right, it brought me pain.

Now a days, when doors close, I slam them shut.

When people walk out of my life, I hold the door for them.

Never have a revolving door, allowing people to come and go as they please.

Every time something leaves your life, it means something else is making way to come in.

Let whatever is leaving, go.

If we just sit and beg the closed door to re open- we are missing the magic and possibilities of the new door that opened.

We cant even see there’s been a new door opened that’s how blind we are!

We are so stuck on what we think is best for us.

Maybe its time to have some faith that we don’t always know whats best for us.

What you think is meant to hurt you, is actually there to protect you.

We aren’t the all seeing.  We don’t know what is in store for us in the future.

So when a door closes, trust that it was for your best.  Something bad could have been up ahead.


Rejection is not a punishment.

I am so glad for all of the rejection and the things that DIDNT work out.

I would never have my own business,  the best husband in the world or have even started this blog if things would have gone how I thought I wanted them too.

When someone leaves, or you get rejected, run.

Don’t bang on the closed door.  Be thankful and never ever be desperate to have something in your life.

You cant see all there is up ahead.

When God says NO, say “THANK YOU”


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