My Name is Morgan aka The No Bullshit Babe.

I didn’t always live my life this way.  I used let anyone and anything into my life passively without giving it much thought.

Its a way of living that takes practice, self trust and self respect.

I was always anxious, always afraid, and knew I wasn’t living in my true nature and purpose.

I decided to stop allowing all the bullshit into my life.  I found out, I did have control over my life and my habits and who I wanted to be.

It starts with a choice.  Why complicate our lives and live to please other people?

If you have that nagging feeling you’ve been allowing to much bullshit in your head, in your soul, in your habits, in your relationships, then you have found the right place.

Lets do a bullshit detox, so you can live your best empowered life.

People respect those who respect themselves.