• Being a no bullshit babe is about having solid boundaries.

It is not about being a bitch.  It is not about being mean or rude to other people.  Quite the opposite.  It is being loving and kind to everyone you meet, unless they give you a reason to otherwise not be.  Its about knowing where your boundaries are, and having the courage to instill them.  Its about knowing your worth, and what you will and will not tolerate.  “Do no harm, but take no shit”

  • Being a no bullshit babe is about trusting your own inner guide

We all have an internal intuition, few truly follow it.  Its about following your soul calling.  Knowing who you are, and not being afraid of what other people think of you.  Its about owning your crazy, unique personality.  “It easy to follow the crowd, it takes courage to stand alone.”

  • Being a no bullshit babe is about looking good

Nothing screams low self esteem like not caring what you look like.  Being a no bullshit babe is about self care.  About looking your absolute best.  Be well groomed.  Taking care of yourself body, mind and soul.  Dress for success.  Make good first impressions.  “If you look good, you feel good.”

  • Being a no bullshit babe is about having confidence in yourself

Its about being sure of yourself.  A babe who walks with her head held high, not afraid of making eye contact.  Its about speaking clearly and slowly.  Its the mindset that people may not like you or what you stand for, and you could give two shits! “Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can wear.”

  • Being a no bullshit babe means always working on being your best self

Its about always wanting to grow.  Always wanting to see and do new things.  About stepping out of your comfort zone so you can really experience life.  Its about reading self help books.  Working on projects, going to the gym, learning from your mistakes. A no bullshit babe knows that being of value and constantly improving yourself is crucial to success.  “Every next level of your life will demand a different version of you.”

  • Being a no bullshit babe is about letting go of anything that doesnt serve you

No BS babes never chase other people.  They know their value and and worth and wont ever beg you to see it.  A NO BS babe is careful with who she associates with.  She hangs with people who inspire her and who are genuine and authentic.  She isnt afraid of being alone.  She knows who she is.  Being  a no bullshit babe is about getting rid of anything that steals your peace.  “Once I started loving myself more I got rid of people, places and things that didnt support my growth.  I used to think it was harsh, now I know it as self love.”